Here at Taj Food, we have made Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) our main objective to achieve as a company.

It’s most important to our company as it allows us to bring positivity and healthy practices. Most important of all, CSR has been the constant motivator, motivating all of us to make the world a better place.

Our vision is to produce Pakistani premium quality products in order to provide the best to our global community especially to those who are in need. We want the world to enjoy the highest quality of foods.

At headquarters, we maintain high standards for fair and dignified treatment of all personnel. Without all of our great employee’s, it would not be possible for us to reach our goals that we strive for. Each person is unique and together, combining all talents, skills, knowledge, experiences, and passion make us who we are.

We also consider it our responsibility to support the community that we live in.

We, at Taj Food, stand for:

  • Global Human Rights Standards
  • No minor labour
  • Fair trade practices
  • Safe & sound working environment

We are thankful to everyone that help us to support our community with:

  • Medical First Aid
  • Labour Technical and Motivational Training
  • Providing funding to lower income & farmers.
  • Sponsor education by funding to deserved students.

Our Other Social Projects


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