We are The biggest Producer of Organic Rice in Pakistan
Rice is the seed of the grass species Oryza sativa (Asian rice) or Oryzaglaberrima (African rice). As a cereal grain, Rice is considered as the most consumed staple food as a cereal grain.According to FAOSTAT data from 2014, Rice is the third highest agricultural commodity produced after sugarcane and maize. Rice also provides more than one-fifth of calories consumed worldwide.

Due to its dietary energy source, Rice Provides 20% of the world’s dietary energy supply, where wheat supplies 19% and maize supplies 5%.

Microbiology of rice suggests that the nutritional values in Rice’s varies differ due to a number of factors. First, it depends of the strain of rice – white, brown red, and black (or purple) varieties of rice – each prevalent in different corners of the world. Second, the quality of the soil in which the rice are grown in. Third, processing of the rice. Lastly, preparation or cooking of the rice. All of these factors can affect the nutritional value of rice.

Rice continues to be one of the staple foods of the world and new innovative ways of making rice better, stronger, and healthier are thought of every day. It can be any type of variety of rice, as long as there is rice, people will enjoy it on a daily basis.

Taj Food offers following types of Rice


Basmati rice

Basmati rice has been one of the most popular types of rice for centuries. The word Basmati means “Queen of fragrance”, …
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Long Grain Rice

Long grain rice kernels are three times longer than normal rice which makes them 6mm wider. They are wide what means …Read More


Uruchi Mai (Sushi Rice, Japonica Rice, and Arborio Rice) is the most common kind of Japanese rice which is a …Read More

Red Rice

A variety of rices are known as “red rice.” Generally, individuals mean an unhulled or partially hulled rice that …Read More


White Rice:

It is defined as that form of rice whose husk and bran have been removed completely during the milling process. Because the white rice undergoes this process, it is also known as polished rice. We can supply Basmati, Long Grain and Round Rice.

Brown Rice:

Brown form means the rice has been husked, graded, cleaned, sorted but not gone through the polisher. This kind of rice is hard to cook but has more vitamins than the white rice because of having 8% bran layers on the top. It remains short after cooking, the outer bran layers of rice do not allow it to elongates compare to white form of rice does. Recommended for People who are diabetic We can supply Basmati, Long Grain and Round Rice.

Parboiled Rice:

It is easy to cook and can be made in any variety Basmati, Non-Basmati or long grain. It is an ancient way to boil the paddy to obtain parboil rice. Parboil rice color is like creamy, golden, Natural because during the paddy boiling, rice absorbs the husk color. Available in Basmati and Long Grain.

Steam Rice:

This is a new modern way to make new rice in to aged rice. Traditionally most of the people prefer to use aged rice to get better yield and Aroma, fluffiness. Steaming the paddy to make new rice in to aged rice it is just new way to supply low cost rice. This tread is in Basmati Rice only and available only in White Basmati