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Taj Food (Pvt) Ltd was founded in 1993 with high expectations of producing simply the best rice and dried fruits. Over the years, Taj Food has made a mission to give its customers the best quality of products.

For us to do so, we look for the richest rice growing areas and the richest areas in the Himalayan Mountains to find the best of dried fruits by using our Quality Assurance Program (QAP). We take the products to our state of the art Facility. Our facilities include: paddy drying & cleaning, parboiling, husking, pre-cleaning, de-stoning, single/double polishing, width grading. Before loading for shipping, our staff assures quality by double checking the product. They regularly monitor the paddy fields; from sowing to harvesting. Our staff has over two decades of experience.

Taj Food is located in the heart of the Rice region Punjab, Pakistan, known for its rich cultural heritage, tradition, as well as its rich harvest worldwide. We are the largest Organic Rice and Dried Fruit Supplier from Pakistan. With being IFSSC certified and in the process of obtaining a BRC certificate, we are always looking ahead, making sure we can give our customers healthiest, strongest, and most natural rice possible.

Aged To Perfection

Aged To Perfection

Our super Basmati Rice from the foothills of the Himalayas are aged to perfection.

We believe doing it right from the start to finish; hence, our moto: your satisfaction is our goal. The statement is not just a saying, we live and practice it every day.

Private Label
Taj Food (Pvt) Ltd. specializes in private labeling – Packing from 1lbs to bulk loading up to 25,000 Kg as Per Customer’s Requirement.
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